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daily wisdom from the heart of Italy



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Rave Reviews

These cards! This gorgeous and inspiring card deck by Megan Saint-Marie will make your wild feminine heart sing!

Tami Kent, author of "Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body”, “Wild Creative”, “Mothering From Your Center”, and, Tedx Portland speaker.

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The Artist and Her Message

This deck started as a personal journey back to Venice, a city that has called my heart since I first experienced it decades ago. I feel a deep connection to it's delicate beauty and fragile, yet quiet strength.

 I also wandered through Rome and the Roman Forum for the first time.

I was profoundly struck by the remains of the Temple of Vesta, and how the women had to keep the fire in the temple going, with the punishment for letting it go out, being death. I came home with the insight that we all have a "fire" inside of us, it is our intuition, and we need to fan it's flames and keep it strong.

I created this deck of 41 cards from the images I took in Venice, and Rome, with unique words of wisdom on the back of each card. 

They were designed with love and an eye for beauty, to be used daily for guidance and inspiration.

Megan Saint-Marie

Sacred Soul Coaching


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